A report you can understand. Delivered the same day.

We use Spectora, the most innovative inspection software in the business, to produce our interactive reports, which are viewed as a web page. In the report, you will find detailed and easy-to-understand descriptions of our findings with photos that expand for easy viewing, and helpful links and diagrams to guide you through more complicated areas of concern.

A tool called the Repair Request Builder is also included in the report. With it, you and your real estate agent can build your own list of repair requests for your inspection response directly from our findings instead of having to copy each individual item or pull pages out of a PDF report. This custom report can then be downloaded and shared with any party as needed.

Click the image below to experience a sample inspection report. Sample radon and well water testing reports are also shown below.

Sample Radon Report

Sample Well Water Report

Note: report for Platinum (Nelson’s Comprehensive w/Radon) package shown. Your report will vary depending on what testing you order.

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