We get you the whole picture.

Our Certified Master Inspector® is certified in the use of state-of-the-art infrared thermal imaging technology and uses it during every inspection that he performs to uncover what the naked eye can’t see. Thermal imaging is the use of a special camera with a high-resolution infrared lens, which detects the infrared energy emitted from an object, allowing even the slightest differences in temperature to be detected. This is very useful in inspecting many areas of the home, such as insulation, electrical, HVAC systems and radiant floor heating. It’s also very useful for detecting leaks, as an area of a surface that is even slightly damp is cooler than the surrounding surface.

What You See

Infrared Certified NH Home Inspector

Nice, neat service panel.

What Their Inspector Sees

Infrared Certified NH Home Inspector

Still looks good.

What Our Inspector Sees

Infrared Certified NH Home Inspector

Apparent arcing at the breaker terminal. Connection is 289 degrees!

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